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Tara Hoyes:
After the passing of my oldest child in October 2016, I was lost. I walked through my day in a daze and with a heavy heart trying to mask the pain with a smile. I didn’t know how to deal with the loss so I turned to food, it was my best friend, my way to escape from the reality that my kiddo was no longer with me. When I hit my all-time high weight of over 230 lbs, I knew I needed to change. I tried doing it on my own only to yo-yo up and down. I would eventually become discouraged and ultimately turn to food again. I was exhausted from trying and failing so many times. Just when I began to accept the fact that I would be overweight forever, I ran into Matt and Taylor. They encouraged me to signup for their weight loss challenge.

November 1, 2017 was the day I started to live again, I went to my first class. After my first class I was exhausted but felt accomplished. The coaches knew exactly what I needed. I was so out of shape, they customize every workout for me. The coaches and the other Crossfit members always provided a gentle push. “Tara, pick up the bar” or “good job, Tara, keep going”, was the encouragement that I needed. Two weeks in, I could already see changes, not just in my physical health but also my mental health. I was actually laughing for real. I was feeling a little happiness again. It has been 7 months since my first Crossfit class, I’ve lost a little over 40 lbs and I feel great. In those 7 months, I gained way more than I lost. I gained a whole community of people who genuinely care about me, physical and mental strength, and a drive in my belly to continue to live a healthy/happy life regardless of what life throws at me. In the end, I owe this all to Crossfit Bloomsburg coaches and members, they saved me.

Sarah Roeder: 


4 1/2 months ago I decided I no longer wanted to feel uncomfortable in my own skin, body, clothes, EVERYTHING! It's not easy or fast but at least it's a start! I was reminded that in 4 more months (or sooner) I would be comparing this "after" picture to the new picture and now I'm really getting excited to see these results. So, if this is encouraging to anyone, then I'm glad I shared this pic!

Erik Coyne: 


June to December. Probably not even 10 lbs of body weight difference in these photos but the right hand pic is after about five months of CrossFit.

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